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Italian market up in the third quarter

Concern remains over the government uncertainty in the economic and infrastructure policies

Over the first nine months of 2018, construction equipment sales in Italy reaches 9,615 units, with an increase of 22% on year basis. In deeper details, earth-moving machines sold were 9,281 (up 23%) and 334 were the road machines (up 5%).

"The positive trend of sales on the Italian market continues also in the third quarter - said Antonio Strati, Unacea councillor in charge of the statistical activities. However, it should be remembered that in term of units, 2018 stood at the same sales levels of the early nineties. The recovery exists, but the persisting uncertainty in the national economic policies and the international financial situation can put a strain on it".

The Italian Institute for Statistics (ISTAT) reported an increase of 0.6% in construction investments in August. According to the Construction Monitor of the Samoter Outlook, this trend will continue until the end of the year, even if in a rough way. At the base of the restrained development of the sector there would be the suspension of work in numerous infrastructure projects, the difficulties related to the new public procurement legislation and to the implementation of local government budgets.

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